November 13th, 2005

love my job

If the silence takes you then I hope it takes me too

Work was slammed last night, but i've gotten so tired of being home and sick that i didn't care. I actually had fun. I'm going in tonight - they need an extra person, and i need to make up hours for missing tuesday's shift. so into scrubs and off to work i shall go, and so it will be until my birthday. I'm sure by Tuesday the whole work experience will cease to be fun.

Sometime this week I'm going out with my parents for my birthday dinner. I don't know where we're going to go. I like Mediterranian and Persian food, and my parents will take me wherever i want, but i hate to drag them to a place they'd hate. They aren't big into food with flavor. So every year, we almost always end up doing Italian.

I dunno, maybe I can go to Maggianos or something.

It would be nice to stop coughing.

Usually, i love my sunday nights off, but it's probably just as well. I need the money from work more than i need to spend money on dinners and movies and things. I've been lucky enough to see michael most of the week already, he's probably sick of me by now.

My aunt sent me $30 for my birthday. Yay presents!
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