November 18th, 2005


tom cruise won't come out of the closet!

My bleach fumes headache has not responded to:

1. aleve
2. caffeine
3. alcohol
4. fresh air
5. sleep
6. lying down
7. walking around
8. food

I think i'm going to take some valium and go to bed soon. I called work, and the puppy is doing well tonight, it seems. So i don't feel too bad about not going down there. Today is my only non-commuting day until next week. i didn't dare ask what the bill is up to. it gets much higher, and i'll be swallowing my pride and setting her up a paypal account.

South Park is still funny, though. The scientology episode was almost as funny as the mormon episode.

I'll know more about my future around the middle of next week, it seems.

Oh, and notmoo, i received your birthday card, and it made me smile really really big.
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