November 20th, 2005


You are the word, the word is 'destroy'

I feel like a bad friend because i didn't visit Danny this weekend, but i'm fucking exhausted. I'm sure he'll understand.

I'll be there to pick him up next week, bearing gifts and friends.

Tonight I'm going out to dinner with my parents. It's my "birthday dinner". This is the first night we've all been able to get together since my birthday, so we're celebrating it now. I love dragging my birthday out over a month. I talked my parents into trying persian food ... this will be interesting.

Work was all slow last night, except for the odd moment at 0430 when all four exam rooms were full of random things. A euth, a dog that had been vomiting for a day and a half, an ataxic dog, and a back dog all decided to come in at once. it was a bit chaotic.
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operation theo lacy

So everyone keeps emailing me about picking up Danny on friday ... i'm not one to coordinate anything, and i don't plan on starting with this. I'll be there. Heather will be there. we will bring beer and go to Denny's. that is my plan. that is my only plan. fuck. anyone else wants to come, they can come.

it's getting so complicated.
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