November 27th, 2005



I just had one of the most enjoyable twenty-four hours in a long time, with some of the people I care about most.

It's been an interesting day. And i have a new bar to hang out at.
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It's been such a fun weekend. Last night, most of our little crowd drifted off and it ended up being me, Danny, and Michael at this girl bar with an awesome jukebox in Long Beach. Danny and Michael got along fabulously - I was a bit worried about that, i figured michael would either adore him or completely hate him (as there is no middle ground with either of them, really). I met a hyperactive chick with the same name as me. The drinks were terrible, but the atmosphere made up for it. I love cozy little bars.

Michael and I came back to the house and had some really nice couch time. Even if he can't stay, i love falling asleep in his arms. /sappy

The puppy ... the puppy is so much work, but she makes up for it in cute. Yesterday she started vomiting again, so i called one of the vets i work with. She asked if there was anything Purl could have eaten, and i laughed ... Purl eats everything she can get ahold of. it's a major effort to keep hazards away from her. I think today i'm going to start working with her on leash-walking, just to burn off some of her excess energy.
I barely have the patience for taking care of a puppy.

I'm alone in the house for the first time in days ... it feels a little odd.

oh, and my hair is bright red now. The hair stuff store was out of purple, so i bought 'blood red', and it looks 10x better than what i expected. It is just a bit bright, though.
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