December 6th, 2005


chou chou

An owner at work wants to buy me a designer wallet. I'd feel really awkward taking it ... but i'll take it, for sure. I love her little dog anyway, even if the owner is really high maintenance. She buys people at work stuff all the time. We'll see if it actually happens, but it's just kinda neat.

Michael came by today after he got out of class, and brought me my birthday present. A little late, but there are extenuating circumstances. The boy knows what i like ... and what i love. I'm in a much better mood today than yesterday, i just wish i could drink before class now.

Yesterday was just a clusterfuck all the way around for both of us, and i'm glad it's over. today is better, i think. work and school and then i get to go home and sleep in my own bed.
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