December 20th, 2005


I am the Vagina Goddess.

I am emotionally exhausted.
Christmas does not exist.
Because he's sick now, i'll be sick in two days - and i'll take care of him anyway.
I think a lifetime of sleep deprivation is impossible to recover from.
It would be really nice if someone rubbed my feet right now.
I couldn't get the PICC line in last night, and i was really not happy with myself.
However, I did get the urinary catheter in the female labrador with a uretheral tumor, retaining my title of Vagina Goddess.
Driving a huge truck is more fun than i remembered.
I'm done with today, and going to curl up with my cats until it's time to go back to work.
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white elephant gift?

Sure, it's a nice necklace and everything, but does this really seem like an appropriate present for kasey?

Maybe it was a regift or something. My aunt knows me better than that. I'm not even sure i can wear it with appropriate irony, it's not nearly big and gaudy enough.

I got a text that there are two vent patients at work ... i'm practically moist with anticipation.
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