December 31st, 2005


as promised ...

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Views like this, from the sand and rock mountains above Aha Quin, just take my breath away. I'd ride for days to be there for half an hour.

Click any of these for full size, the detail is kinda neat.

new year? what is this 'new year'?

So, kasey, how are you spending new year's eve?

Well, I'm going to work! yay!

it'll be so awesome, i'm sure.
actually, it'll probably be better than all the lame parties and dodging drunks on the freeway. I've been having fun all week, tonight is just a night. And i'll be miserable alongside everyone else who is stuck there - and it's holiday pay after midnight. w00t!

not so bad, or maybe it's just that i'm in a good mood.
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