January 8th, 2006



Four of todays papers down, one to go. I feel like I've been doing nothing but work and homework since i returned from the river. I've typed up so many pages of useless information, filled out multitudes of infectious disease notecards, and done all these stupid physical exam reports. After tonight, I'm done with my homework until next semester, in February.

My friend Jeremy wants to go out for Moroccan food with Micahel and I, and i'm really hoping to do that sometime this week. It'll be a bit of an expense, but a nice break. I like seeing Jeremy, too, and that doesn't happen often enough.

So school and work and school and work and work again and then i have a 36 hour break and then work amd work again. I am determined to make the most of it, or maybe just get some real sleep.
This is how I'm spending what's left of my youth?

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