January 10th, 2006

bored louie

review ...

My review has been pushed back a week.

Another whole week to worry ...

at least my homework is done. One of the doctors who i asked to sign my physical exams asked, after reading my exam, if i ever considered becoming a vet.
I was flattered.

And then this morning's supervisor showed up being a complete cunt to everybody, and all my happy good feelings went down the drain.
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I think i'm getting sick. My sinuses are stopped up, and my throat feels like i've been gargling with Drano.
My week is far too busy for me to be getting sick. I must overcome this by force of will.

Alan took my computer from me to get my soundcard to work. He's supposed to have it back to be tonight, making all the noise it ought to. I don't like not having my computer ... even more than that, i don't like someone else having it. should have deleted all my pr0n. ;) Anyway, i told him that i needed my computer back ASAP, because without it i have no friends.

Michael is supposed to stop by soon, and i'm still being lazy and not getting ready.
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