February 6th, 2006


Would you stay if she promised you heaven?

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I had a final today. 100 questions, multiple choice. Did it in eight minutes and got the fuck out of there. finals are boring.

Still don't have my computer back. Called Alan today, he hasn't started it yet. I understand, but i miss my computer.

Got some great pictures of the fire along the 241 on the way to school. I'd post them, but ... no computer. No MY computer, anyway.

Sent off all my tax forms to the bookkeeper. I'm expecting a decent refund, despite my lack of dependents. The house helps. The refund will likely go towards a new air conditioner for the house - if i'm going to stay out there, it damn well better be in comfort.

We got Michael mostly moved in last night. Disassemble, reassemble ... it was kinda fun. All that's left is the big tv cabinet thing (which may not even be moved in) and the bookshelf, plus the loose stuff - books and clothes and such. That, he doesn't need my help for. I really like his new place, the floors are tile and the roommates seem really cool. I hate carpet, don't even bother asking why. I'll get to see Michael for an hour or so tonight, and this is happy.

Work tonight. Whee hoo.
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