February 9th, 2006

bend over

chewing gum and rib bones.

The inevitable happened.
With an addiction like mine, it's unavoidable. It was just a matter of time.
I took a risk ... i tried to walk, talk, and chew my gum all at once.
I bit the living hell out of my tongue. this was over twenty-four hours ago, and my tongue is still swollen.

Still, i chewed gum all night at work. i never learn ...

Work was chaotic. As soon as stephinextremis left, things started coming in the door and the phone never stopped ringing. It all ended in us trying to fish a rib bone out of a border collie with an endoscope. We could grab the bone, but it was too big to pull up through the esophagus. So we go to pull the scope out, and ... it stops. The scope is hung up on the rib bone and not going anywhere. So off to surgery goes the dog, with a $20,000 piece of equipment hanging from it's mouth.

I took my Anprolene gas sterilizer operator certification test today. I passed. I'll get a nifty certificate, a keychain, and the ability to operate the sterilizer at work without being in violation of OSHA. Wee hoo!

today is the end of my week. unfortunately, tomorrow night is the beginning of a new one. crappy extra shifts.
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