February 11th, 2006


Three Mollys, two Jakes, two Oscars, and two Caspers.

... Last night's patient census. The part of it that amused me, anyway. I especially liked the two Caspers. A big fat cat and a crazy german shepard - both all white, of course.

Yesterday, before work, i went out to the drag races at pomona. It was fun, even though we didn't qulify due to mechanical problems. I went up to the starting line with them, and was given the job of moving the truck after the car got started. I know it sounds simple ... but i'm terrified of everything. I managed to get the truck moved off the racetrack (twice!) without hitting anyone or any race cars. It's crowded at the starting line.
Got some good pics, but still don't have my computer back ... my camera is filling up fast.

Someone remind me to call this place when i finally get a detached house. I want a secret room!

I left work early last night, around four. Thank goodness for slow, because i had been up since 0630 and was moving only with the aid of Diet Rock Star. Long, long day.
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baby clothes

So I'm knitting my first sweater. A very teeny sweater, for my friend who will soon have a very teeny child.

But i have to wonder - do babies even wear sweaters? when i see them, they're usually in those shapeless onesie things. But i don't see babies very much ...
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