February 25th, 2006

love my job

three patients!

So I'm working this shift at Culver City as a favor to a friend. This has been one of the slowest, most boring nights of my life. I have shared it with two dogs, a cat, and a nursing-school dropout tech who has been kind enough to inform me that she doesn't do anything besides work and sleep (and i'd guess eat), has no friends outside of work, and has no hobbies at all. Really the most interesting person I've ever been trapped in one room with.

This is a beautiful facility. We need all this room at the location i usually work at, where most of the cages are full every night. There are cool toys here, too. Mario showed me the linear accelerator and the CT scanner.

forty-five more minutes ... at least i have a computer. Otherwise, I'm afraid I might have hung myself from the exposed rafters.
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