April 6th, 2006

purple sunglasses

off-roading is only fun in vehicles designed for the purpose

so it's wednesday. carpool with Audra day. my turn to drive.

Audra lives a couple blocks from me, in an older neighborhood of Moreno Valley. at the end of a dirt road.
a narrow, hilly/dippy dirt road.

it's been raining heavily up here.

my scion? my little, sporty, lowered with spiderweb rims scion? she's not a big fan of the dirt road in the first place. especially not with the big mud puddle in the lower part of it.

We made it through, though not without some sliding and hurried downshifting. I thought for sure that I would be calling AAA to pull my car out of the mud.

My beautiful car has mud sprayed down each side. It's tragic, really.

Done with my workweek, leaving for the race in Las Vegas tonight. I've still got to set the house up and pack, then drive down to my mom's house and try to maybe get a couple hours of sleep. If i'm lucky.

It should be more exciting to go to vegas, but i'm going with my family, i'll probably not even see the strip.

work was hellish, and i think i'm as pissed off at management as stephinextremis.
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