May 8th, 2006

francine upset

eating cake while frozen

I having one of those days where i just can't stay asleep. Can't keep warm, either. I'm wrapped in a blanket, yet i still feel like a big ice block wrapped in a blanket.

Maybe i am just a big ice block.

Nothing has changed except the stuff i don't write about. I've been missing Michael a lot the last couple of nights. Seeing him, and sleeping next to him, on Friday just makes it more clear how much i'm missing right now. I hate our schedules, our busy lives. Even with the accomodations I've made ... I'd still rather have my boyfriend full-time.

Eh, as much as i am determined, i cannot have my cake and eat it too. So i will simply enjoy all the cake i can get for the time being.

I finished Watership Down the other day, and it was the best book about rabbits that I've ever read.

One last thing ... I think this is a cause we can all get behind.
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