May 10th, 2006

she walks out with empty arms

i am kasey's breaking point.

It really takes a lot at work for me to get a stress headache ...

but a vent dog, a major surgery, multiple codes, blood transfusions, and one of my most favorite dogs ever dying, coming back, being put on the other ventilator, and then being put to sleep ... that's enough. I spent the last two hours of my shift with my head in my hands.

Teddy is dead, and I loved her very much. She belonged to the owner of my hospital, and spent a decent amount of time there when he would go out of town. When she was there, i used to walk her, let her run loose in the hospital, and brush out tangles of golden retriever fur. She was old and obese, but she was sweet and liked attention in her own quiet way.

Steph gave me cookies and they saved my sanity, for a few hours at least. She gave me cookies after I snapped at her over stickers, which amazed me. Who puts up with my abuse and still does me favors? i love her for it.

A guy is going to come out this morning and look at my a/c. I don't get to go to sleep until this happens.
As much as I'm looking forward to having functional a/c, i really want to go to sleep.

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The embarrassing outfit pic will come as soon as i decide what my most embarrassing clothing is.