May 12th, 2006

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So tonight, we went bowling. My game was so far off i may as well have been playing tennis, and now i owe EP a soda, but it was fun anyway. many drinks were had and pictures were taken.

We started off outside, drinking and smoking ...

and then moved to inside, drinking and bowling.

steph and her cleavage was super hot ...

so hot, in fact, that i just had to snuggle up.

Audra just really liked her drink.

Oh yeah, the bowling.

so afterwards, we went to TGIFridays, which has absolutely nothing to offer vegetarians. Someone at the other end of the table decided that it would be just so amusing if they told the waitress that it was my birthday. Oh, so funny. I spent the rest of the night with balloons tied to my wrist. The wonderful stephinextremis took that picture.

Other than that, much fun was had by all. even michael.