June 2nd, 2006


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After four days of no communication from Michael and phone calls straight to voicemail, i get a myspace message from his roommate.

"michaels really sick he wants you to come over"

So I go running over there last night like the good girlfriend I am, thinking, "he damn well better be sick."

Lo and behold, he is! Something icky and fluish that I hope i don't pick up. But i got him fed and out into some fresh air for a while, and i think he's feeling a bit better. I'll go back there later this afternoon with tea. And maybe some wax, but only if stephinextremis is free.

His constatly malfunctioning cell phone annoys both of us. Having a part-time boyfriend annoys me, but i guess i compensate well.

Bills just sucked up half my paycheck. *pout* I think my out-of-control starbucks habit will consume most of the rest. i need to cut back on that, but it's hard. maybe there's a caffeine patch available.

I downloaded a bunch of recipies for bread and cookies the other night ... need to get the ingredients and see how well my new oven bakes. then ... cookies for everyone!
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