June 7th, 2006

degenerate elite

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When I got my new oven, best buy delivered and installed it. They removed my old oven, but only to my backyard, where it has been gathering spiderwebs and leaves for a month or so. It's too heavy and too big for me to try and get across the lot and into the dumpster.

I saw a number posted for a junk removal service the other day, and called it while in the car with Michael. After giving my name, location, and other vital tidbits, the phone girl asked what i needed taken away.

"Well, I have an oven in my yard that I need removed."

As Michael starts cracking up next to me, i could almost imagine the banjos from Deliverance playing in the background. The apple falls not far from the tree, and my parents were married in a trailer park.

I think the only way it could sound more white trash is if the oven were up on blocks.
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