July 4th, 2006

theda bara

why kasey hates 7/4

July Fourth, my least favorite holiday.

Actually, I got myself in a bit of trouble this year by forgetting that it was a holiday at all. My surgery date was a pain to set up, they only had certain days open, and I needed a spot where I wouldn't have to go to a race the next weekend. So she showed me June 30, and I checked my calendar and said "Perfect! No races until the third week of July!" And I signed myself up.
I didn't even think about that being the beginning of a holiday weekend. I didn't realize it until a while later, when trying to get the shifts covered at my work.

Good luck getting graveyard supervisor shifts covered on a holiday weekend at my work, even with a month and a half notice.
So my manager is covering my shifts this week, and I've got the feeling that I owe her a shitload of favors for this.

Anyway, fourth of july ... it's not just my least favorite holiday because i'm an america-hating commie. It's also my least favorite holiday because I am just a teensy bit high-strung. Normally, I'm just twitchy, but with smoke and lights and explosions all over the place, I require sedation. Usually I'm at work, and safely indoors from all the awfulness. This year, however, I'm trapped by myself, at my house.

Thank goodness for painkillers and valium.

Silly me, I'm on vacation and I want to go back to work. I'm sure my feelings on this will change as soon as this dose of Vicodin wears off and I'm clutching my chest while crawling towards the prescription bottle. But i'm bored and stir-crazy.
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on my own again

I am home, set up in my own bed with multitudes of pillows, my dvd player, some TJ's pasta, and a half-finished book. Life is pretty good.
I'm probably going to be stuck by myself for a few days, with the possible exception of a work-related thing tomorrow, but that's okay. I can manage. I've had Michael helping me all weekend, and it's been great.
So far today, I've made it without any pain meds, just my muscle relaxants. I'll probably take one soon, just to get some rest, but i think i can be off them pretty soon.

It's amazing how much more one feels every bump on the freeway when one's muscles are stretched beyond any normal shape and stuffed with a liter of saline.

Apparently, my having an opinion and not wanting to have vulgar comments made at me have pissed someone off yet again. I really don't care to argue, it's not worth my time.
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wild thing

your mission is to bring me chocolate!

Why the fuck am i craving chocolate cake right now? I wouldn't even know where to get a piece of chocolate cake, and it's all i can think about.


I can't recuperate and have a sweet tooth at the same time. back to pillows, bed, and movies. Next up: Monster.
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