July 8th, 2006


To Lisa: Bite my ass.

To Lisa, aka dragons_wine:

I'll just go ahead and post this here, since you felt it necessary to delete the comment I left to your entry in which you referenced me.

I don't know why my little project has offended you so much, nor do i really care. If you don't like it, don't read it. I didn't bring it up to you, I haven't even spoken to you in ages. No one is "obsessed" with them.

I didn't get the "biggest tits I could possibly afford." I could have gone much bigger, or much smaller. I could have not done it at all. Christ, in a t-shirt, most people wouldn't even notice. And don't you dare to presume what I can afford. Being able to pay for luxuries is a small benefit that comes with learning a trade, keeping a job, and managing money. Let me know if you'd like any tips.

You don't have to celebrate with me, you don't have to care. You don't have to read the posts or look at the pictures. You can wish infection and scarring upon my busom, i don't give a damn.

Dialogue is always welcome, however, the policies don't change. Say it to my face, and don't be a fucking coward.

Thank you, stephinextremis and arakrune for defending my ... honor.

Anyone else got something to say?

Nine Inch Nails tonight ... fucking fantastic. Lights and sounds and songs that carried me through my adolescence. Michael and I had a great time. I saw Josie there, a couple people from work, and a girl from school.

And I heard a line from a guy behind me, who obviously wasn't a huge fan. He seemed to be there with his drunk, rockin'-out wife. Trent started "Hurt", and the guy turns and says:
"Isn't this a Johnny Cash song?"

Michael stopped me from turning around and educating the gentleman as to his idiocy.

Anyway, the show was awesome, NIN was great, Bauhaus was great, and it didn't really matter that traffic sucked and i had to park in BFE.

We went to Harbor House after we got out of the parking lot, talked and ate good greasy food. While walking on the beach afterward, we happened upon what appeared to be the smoldering remains of a memorial site. Did anyone die in Sunset Beach lately? Anyway, I've got a new candle now, and yes, I know i'm going to hell.
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degenerate elite


Ah, I just love human beings.
Except that I don't.

Anyone else want to drop me, do it now and save me the energy of having to deal with you in the future. There are plenty more humans out there for me to toy with.

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