July 15th, 2006


i like my potatoes like i like children.

We went to the fair, and I forgot my camera. Silly me. I'm sure Steph made up for it, though.

Much fun was had, even though I left in a rush, forgot my ID, and had to remain sober for the entire experience. There were goats! and pigs with amusing names! We sampled our favorite fair delicacies, mine being fresh corn and battered potatoes. There's just something about greasy fried fair food. Steph and I won stuffed bulldogs. I plan to put a tracheostomy tube in mine - if it was a real bulldog, it would need one eventually.

I got new shoes for work - they look like clown shoes, but they feel like heaven.

Michael and I decided to play social, and hung out at TC for a while after. It was almost fun. lyteinc was there, along with arakrune, stephinextremis, and an assortment of others. Good times and deliciously malicious converstion was had by all. I'm almost in a mood to post some of what was said, but i think i've stirred up enough drama for this week.

Flea is home with me tonight and all is well despite the sun overdose.