August 17th, 2006

vhs porn

love is giving me an ulcer

Now that I'm settled and stable in the way things are - i'm not sure if i'm happy with it or resigned to it - he wants big changes, he wants the things I thought i always wanted.

But is it really what I always wanted? Why the fuck do we go back and forth like this all the time? Why isn't the answer so simple for me anymore?

Life is just full of overcomplicated crap.
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The letter "g" in all it's glory.

This one is all complicated and stuff. Especially now that i've had a couple adult beverages. anyway ...

leave a comment, i'll give you a letter. you come up with ten songs that start with that letter.

Irene gave me "G"

1. "Going back to Cali" LL Cool J
2. "Good guys don't wear white" Minor Threat
3. "Goodbye Goodbye" Oingo Boingo
4. "Good Girls Don't" the Kinks
5. "Godlike" KMFDM
6. "Gehry" Babyland
7. "Green Hell" Misfits
8. "Gotta Get Through This" Daniel Beddingfield
9. "Get Your Gun" Marilyn Manson
10. "Genocide" Meat Beat Manifesto

come and get your letter!
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