August 31st, 2006


road rage

There was an accident on the 91, and then construction on the side streets ... it took me two hours to get home today, with Flea trying to stand on my head the whole time.

I hate riverside and all the roads therin.
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theda bara

fire water burn

I just poured hot tea all over my leg, in a moment of distraction.

So much for a relaxing day off ... i think i should just go back to bed.

Ever start a project that you know is just too big for you, but don't really think about that until you've reached the point of no return? That was me this morning, trying to turn over my matress, standing on the box spring, pinned against the wall with the matress sideways and caught in my canopy. At the point where it would have been just as difficult to go back as it would be to go forward, I realized that maybe I should have gotten some help with this project.

But it seemed like such a good idea at the time.

Street fair tomorrow ... sweet.
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