September 17th, 2006

make believe we're all the same

VAST and sobbing owners

Michael and I went to Hollywood on Friday night to see VAST. I've been looking forward to it for months. After moderate drama of getting there and into the club, we sat through four opening bands (two good, two completely worthless) and finally got to see VAST. I took a few pics, but my camera sucks for inside/dark/distance, so I'll just keep most of them to myself.

Seeing VAST was much fun, and worth the stress of the whole night.

Not a bad way to spend my only day off.

Every night at work has been a whole new nightmare, from little things (missed treaments/walks) to big things (that stupid broad will never touch a dialysis patient on my shift ever again). Four more days, then three off with Bats.

I'm trying to eat right, and our fucking clients keep being grateful and bringing in cookies and cakes and things. Someday, one of them will be smart and reward us with coffee.

I did have the wonderful experience of watching a dog go agonal, arrest, and die in front of its owner this morning. I love my job.

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