September 25th, 2006

love my job

not one more thing ...

I'm trying to stay positive, but most days at work anymore, I just don't even want to face the next thing that comes along because it invariable sucks. Everyone's attitude sucks, the computers suck, and all the animals were discharging much unpleasantness from many orofices.

Steph - i'm sure someone will let you know, but Summer got fired, and EP's purity test score was 70%. 70% pure. I don't think i'm pure enough to talk to him.

My best friend doesn't talk about anything but her baby and her fiancee, and i think that's why i get unhappy when my friends have kids and get married. yeah, selfish me.

In happy news, Michael passed his LVN boards. You all should go to his myspace and tell him how awesome that is.
I know it's his news to tell, but he won't be near a computer for a while and I'm really proud of him. He worked hard on this.
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