November 1st, 2006


Heather's married!

So Heather and Adam are married. And silly me, I forgot my camera.

The wedding went off well, from the Star Wars music to the bubbles that met us coming out of the church. I forgot my necklace and we got lost on the way to the reception, but everything worked out. It was really nice to see old friends from all over there - Jay & Aronda, My Sam, Jeremy, J.T., Eleni, Beer Sam, Karen, Little Tom, even Scotty ... so many people I've known over so many years.

I read my toast, with a microphone and everything, in front of the crowd. It went over pretty well, I think. I started with "Nietzsche has said ..." and enjoyed the moment of both blanching and giggling from assorted family and friends. I almost cried, Heather did cry, and my 60 seconds of public speaking did not kill me.

Shortly afterward, I caught the bouquet. Though Michael likes to think I dove across the dance floor to get it, taking out bridesmaids right and left, in actuality it came right to me, just like it did at Andy and Kelly's wedding. I think it's fate. Michael thinks ... well, i think he thinks it's a curse, or a conspiracy.

The reception was at an English Pub, with a tough English broad for a bartender, and another one who called everyone "love". Silly British quirk.

I still feel crappy, but I managed to not cough through the ceremony.