April 15th, 2007


your automotive lesson for today

Well, we didn't qualify, and kicked a rod out trying.

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So we put in most of the spare motor at the track, and what isn't ready now will be ready by the time of the next race, at Fontana in three weeks. This weekend was a whole bit of trial and error ... mostly error, unfortunately. We tried a new brand of tire that just wasn't working for us, so for our last chance to get in the show we put our good tires back on. That was the run where the engine gave out. We were on a good pass, too.

But that's racing for you.

On the way home, my mom declared me a boring car companion. Why? because I put on my iPod, opened a book, and tried to relax. Apparently, I should be making awkward conversation instead.

I'm glad to be home, glad to see my boyfriend and my animals, glad to sleep in my own bed tonight.

Every race i go to leaves me with more of a hunger to drive that car someday ...