June 8th, 2007

beavis & butthead

give me your cappuchino!

I finally got this espresso machine figured out, and it has been a highly caffeinated morning. I still don't believe it's possible to overdose on caffeine ... but I am just a bit jittery. Since I gave up starbucks, I've become a little more sensitive to coffee drinks.

Michael is upstairs sleeping. I want to do something fun with him today, but we are in Moreno valley, and nothing here is fun. Maybe We'll go to downtown riverside or something and see what we can do down there. Or drive out to the desert with my new camera. For now, I'm trying to get the house cleaned. Cleaner, anyway.
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complete! just late

I knitted my fucking fingers off today, forgoing even vodka, and finally finished Michael's birthday present.

Birthday of 2006 ... I'm such a procrastinator.

And what finally drove me to finish it? Love? Devotion? Generosity? No, i bought new yarn and promised myself that I wouldn't make myself something with it until I finished this scarf for Michael. Purely selfish motivation, as per usual.

In other news, i got new yarn.