June 23rd, 2007

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Oh, my arms are sore today.

Michael is being adorably obsessive. Reference his most recent posts if you don't know what I'm talking about. He's still looking at the website.

Another one of my friends is knocked up. I'm thinking I'm just about the last one out of my group not married, divorced, or pregnant. A good thing, I suppose. I told Michael yesterday that I've picked out my engagement ring (ruby!) and got a good dirty look. Predictable.

I work tonight, though I'd much rather be seeing Babyland and VNV Nation. Have much fun, all of you that are going. Lucky bastards.

Supposedly, work has been quite busy lately. When I dropped in on Thursday night to give something to Kelly, there was a seizure dog on the ventilator. Tina called me last night, after working three hours of overtime. Apparently everyone is calling out sick this week as well.

Busy is good, though. I'm bored and frustrated.

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There's a bug bite on my chest that has been driving me crazy for a week or so. I won't leave it alone, so it won't go away. Michael finally went and got me some cortisone cream last night so I'd stop scratching at it, but now I've almost got myself convinced that it's a histamine-secreting cutaneous mast cell tumor.

This is the danger of knowing too much.