July 5th, 2007


i know it's summer, but this is insane

It is miserable hot up here. Michael asked the other day, "How did we stand it here without air conditioning?" I don't know how we did. Lots of fans, sleeping through the worst of it, and I think my A/C is part of the reason I'm not in OC so often anymore.

Today I had errands to run, so I ventured out into the heat and blinding brightness.

It's hot enough that my necklace burned my skin after just a few moments in the sun. I've got a red mark on my neck.

I think I'll hide inside until the sun goes down.
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sunshine and stuff

I has a headache. I blame an overabundance of sunshine.

It's nice that Michael's taking summer classes - anything to get closer to what he wants to do - but summer school is a lot of hours, and I'd like to get back to actually seeing my boyfriend every now and then.

I think there may be a trip to OC tomorrow, and a trip to the gym tonight. And maybe a bathing of the Flea - he's a bit stinky.