July 15th, 2007


I got a new kitty!

... on my leg, that is.

Heather's husband's cousin is a tattoo artist, and yesterday he came down to Heather's place and set up shop for the day. The racecar tattoo I want doesn't quite work where i want to put it, so I decided to have a (comparatively) small kitty placed on my left leg.

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So now I have a pretty kitty on my leg. I don't have a good finished picture of it, but I will soon. I like the work - there's a lot of detail, but the basic shape is bold and simple. And, like Michael said, I finally got a cat that won't pee on the furniture.

After the tattoo thing, I met up with Michael and we went to the roller derby. We both enjoyed it, though I doubt he'll admit it. Made me want to strap my skates on, anyway. Those girls are brutal!

There is much uncertainty surrounding the racecar right now. We currently don't have a driver. We're not going to the race in two weeks. The plan at this point is no plan, and i'm not ok with that at all.

I want a car, a driver, a plan.