October 2nd, 2007

cat spit

cider! now!

I'm totally craving cider from a tap right now. Like, it's all I can think about. There's an Irish-y pub in Riverside, but i'm not going by myself.

Nothing beats getting woken up at 0430 to the dog throwing up on the bed. So i had a good rest of the night sleep on my mattress, after a half-asleep scatter-the-pillows stripping of the sheets.

Oh, and you guys are so unhelpful. :P

I've got nothing to do today but vacuum and attempt to not spend money on ebay and amazon. whee.
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vacuum catastrophe

While vacuuming the stairs, I managed to suck the end of my skirt into the vacuum, both stretching out my skirt and breaking the vacuum as I tried not to fall down the stairs and break my neck.

I'm such a good little housekeeper.
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