October 6th, 2007



I have a Victoria's Secret credit card. Lame, I know, but with a rack like this, it's a necessity! Really. Anyway, I have this credit card. After a small spree a few months ago, I've still got a balance. My statement came in the mail today, and I brought it inside and opened it.

They perfumed my credit card statement.

I've got very fussy taste when it comes to perfumes, and cheap-ass nasty Victoria's Secret perfume does not rank anywhere on my scale of Perfumes I Don't Hate. My whole living room now smells like a cardboard air freshener, and open windows aren't helping. This stuff seems to stick.

Is this a scheme, perhaps to encourage people to mail the slips back with a check as soon as possible so as to remove any trace of this stench from the home? It worked, anyway. My check is already in the mailbox.

I was going to go to Kylie's party tonight. It was the whole reason I stayed home this weekend. I'm not going. I'm not doing anything. I cried myself to sleep last night, and I have yet to get out of my pajamas. What's the point, i have to think. No more race car, so what's the point of leaving the house?

I'll get out of this funk eventually, but I doubt anytime soon.

This month sucks.
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