October 8th, 2007

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So I have this mini-fridge. I don't really need it, in fact, I don't need it at all. I mean, I could keep a six-pack chilled in my room, but that's probably not a good idea for me or my electric bill.

Speaking of my electric bill, why am I having to run my a/c in October? WTF, weather?

Anyway, I have this mini-fridge because a friend of mine had to move suddenly and needed cash. She hadn't even gotten moved in yet, so this fridge is brand new. If anybody out there needs something like this, let me know. If anyone needs something like this and is willing to give me a bit of money for it, let me know sooner.

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In an amazing burst of productivity today, I cleaned everything out of my car, and then took it to get washed and waxed. It's cleaner than it's been in over a year. I love driving it around when it looks this good.

... and tomorrow, I start my new job, at the vet hospital at the end of a dirt road. I should just take a pic of the car now, because I know it's never going to look this good again.

My house has been looking nice, I've worked hard to get it cleaned up. The living room was almost presentable, right up until today, when i dumped all the stuff I cleaned out of my car right on to my couch. I've got a huge pile of things to sort out. Some stuff I found was kinda neat - letters, a socket set, books I didn't realize were in there, several dollars worth of change. Some was not - piles of purple hair (i shed like crazy), umpteen straw wrappers, lists from food runs for places i haven't worked in months.

Yeah. so that was my day. And unless the phone rings (not counting on it), that's pretty much it. I'm going to make a salad, watch a movie, and get to bed early.
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oh, it rang all right.

I didn't go out. The phone did ring, however ...

mmm hmm.

and i stayed on the phone for an hour and fifteen minutes. How's that for a girl that doesn't talk?

I'm so having fun with this.
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