November 30th, 2007

wild thing


If you haven't yet given my your addy here or on the myspace, please do so now, thank you.

oh, and please give me an actual name (first/last), because some of you i only know on a username basis, and it feels really funny to address a card that way.

There's rain, there's finally some weather. Sunny and mild can only last so long, even in southern california. thank goodness. The exam rooms where I work are blessed with large windows facing a pretty yard, so I spent some time just watching the rain pour down. Better than actually watching animals, or listening to the Allergy Speech or the Vaccine Titer Speech for the tenth time in a day.

We're actually going to go out tonight, if just for dinner and maybe even a drink. I've been feeling a little cooped up - last weekend Charles was sick all weekend, then he started this new job that keeps him tattooing until almost my bedtime. so it'll be nice to go out and do something together. I mean, not like we're not together plenty, but to not be in the house for a while.