December 6th, 2007

shiny in the air

more gift!

Another baby shower invitation in the mail today ... for heaven's sake, i still want a shower of my own. She'll probably get married after the baby is born (as is the trend with my friends) and have another shower for that. At least this shower is co-ed and involves alcohol.

I've done no xmas shopping, and haven't even finished my xmas knitting. I'm into the season even less than usual. I always love doing cards, but beyond that, i could skip this holiday completely. Charles wants a tree, a little live one. I see a tree as a project for the cats to destroy. I don't have any money for presents to put under it anyway.

I came home from work today with big plans to do laundry and dishes and have dinner all ready for when Charles got home from work. I sat down on the couch and woke up three hours later, when Charles walked in the door. I guess I was tired. Ought to sleep more, but the alarm goes off at six am everyday, and Charles is usually sick of me hitting snooze by six-thirty or so.

Tomorrow, I was going to go to OC to see Tyler, but with the rain ... i don't want to drive.