January 5th, 2008


mid-weekend update.

Thank you to everyone who said something nice to my post yesterday ... it means a lot.

Charles and I went to see Juno last night. Fucking great movie, he even liked it and he was all ready to go in and hate it completely. It made me smile. We attempted to stay up late last night, but even after coffee at Denny's, I fell asleep on the couch at midnight.

Today I went down to the OC for a baby shower that wasn't like a baby shower at all. There was a keg! and a barbeque! and people i actually liked! Heather and her baby (world's cutest baby) were there, and i spent much of the time playing with Aasta while trying to keep her away from my beer.

Tonight, I'm already in my pajamas. The Tofurky is in the oven, and I've got some good cleaning planned. This house is almost ready for public view ...

We're going to a tattoo convention tomorrow. This might be interesting. Maybe I'll get some ideas.
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