January 8th, 2008

love my job

work sucks. again.

I'm pretty sure I'm about to either get fired or quit.

Good news is, I have an interview lined up in an Upland emergency hospital for Thursday.

I really don't need this kind of stress. But it really can't get a lot worse ... right now I'm brain dead because I can't fall asleep at night, because I'm freaking out about work. :(
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Geisha de los Muertos

I talked to Charles when I got home from my shitty day work. A couple hours later, he calls me back - did i still want a geisha tattoo? One of his coworkers, Amanda, was looking to fatten up her portfolio and wanted to do a geisha. I wholeheartedly agreed to this plan, and headed down to the shop.

The design is some geisha, some dia de los muertos. Hard to explain, but i lovelovelove it. It's down the front of my right leg, between the knee and the ankle. The chaos tattoo - the one that i got at seventeen, in a garage for $10 - had to be sacrificed to the kimono. I'll miss that little tattoo, but my geisha is so pretty.

It's got to heal, then i go back for more work. Pictures when i unbandage ..
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