January 15th, 2008


i made it all by myself!

Last night, I finished a hat in amazing time. Pink, even.

Todays goal: knit in the round, using my DPNs.

oh, and to get a job. The only tech job in the paper that I haven't applied for is my old job. :(
at heather's

cleaning house. want stuff?

I'm selling this, I'll never use it again. Comes with a box of accessories, charcoal, and a bunch of (probably somewhat stale) tobacco. $25, I'll ship but you'll pay for shipping.

It's in good shape, has been in storage for a while. Not heavily used.

I've also got a small Fender bass amp I should probably get rid of. Anyone interested, let me know.

oh, and a yoga mat free to anyone who wants it!

ETA: Hookah is gone. Bass amp is still available. $25 for that too, i guess. Come pick it up!
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