February 5th, 2008



Is it so wrong to read a blog just because you think the writer may try to commit suicide, and to find it amusing?

I take my funny where I can get it.

I'm a foot and a half into the scarf that I'm going to trade for my piercings, a nice wool black and grey one. So many people want black and grey, or something and grey, that I just bought a 1# cone of grey yarn. That should last me a while.

Charles had a bunch of dental work done today, and neither of us got enough sleep, making all of today (our only day off together) super extra fun. I was going to go to OC to see Eleni's new baby and get a bunch of other stuff done, but that didn't happen and probably won't now until next week.

so all in all, i got nothing done today that I wanted to do.
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