February 13th, 2008



I may have bitten off more than I can chew with this project!

The plan was to clean the living room - I do the living room, he does the kitchen. So I started picking up, and thought hmm ... I should clean off that desk ...

Then I thought well, i hardly ever use this desk anymore ... i could put this computer in storage, toss the desk, and free up a ton of space ...

and here I am, with the contents of the desk spread over the living room, and the whole area a whole lot further from clean than when i started.

Did i mention the dust?

Pomona ... pomona was odd, to be there without a car, with no base camp, no project. Even when I didn't work on the car, it was always nice to have a trailer to go to. Sunday, I sat in the stands all day, watching cars like everyone else that paid for a ticket.

Maybe I'll get used to it someday, but i miss the car.

And because you know I'm a picture junkie, here's my cute hedgehog as displayed by my cute boyfriend.