March 21st, 2008

at heather's

victory over blue shield!

I hate dealing with my health insurance company, but today, i finally got the insurance company to pay for my insulin pump! They had pre-authed at 100%, then only paid 50%. It's taken me forever, but I got all the authorization numbers and lists of who talked to who and when, and they finally agreed to pay it off! woot woot.

A few thousand in debt I don't have hanging over my head anymore, and a weight off of my shoulders.

Now I have to go get TB tested, and maybe my rabies vaccine. If I bite you, I will then be able to say it's ok because i've had my shots.
geisha - sinfest

I wonder if i'll get a rabies tag

Apparently they lose charts in human medicine, too.

Luckily, they found it after an hour of searching, and i got my poke-in-the-arm TB test. No rabies shot today, that has to wait until the rest of my medical clearance goes through. While i was in there, the nurse was telling me how it took her eleven months to simply transfer between departments.

Jumping through hoops, indeed.

This county job better be worth it.

I rode on the back of Charles' Harley this morning. I pretty much screamed and laughed the entire time. Fun stuff, but i'd still rather be driving my own. My bike is having "electrical problems" - meaning I'll probably just need to rewire the whole fucking thing.

Or I'll just go down to the dealership and finance a Harley. Every night I can't ride my bike, that looks a little more appealing.