March 24th, 2008

short and red


Being sick is not okay.

It started two days ago with a scratchiness in the throat ... then the ears, then the headache, then the lethargy ... now, every inhalation is like a flash-fire and i'm breathing with my mouth open.

I was going to go home sick from work yesterday, but it got so busy that I just kept working and working until the overtime hit 90 minutes and i couldn't do anymore. They were anesthetizing the bloat as I left.

Sleep didn't come easily last night - my mind wouldn't slow down after work. I woke up early this morning to go get my TB test read, and to have my Rabies vaccine done. Good news is that I don't have TB, but the bad news is that the doctor called in sick and i can't have my Rabies vaccine today. I've been to the county health department so many times this month that they know my name, and i'll be going back tomorrow.

Today's a surgery day for me, as will be tomorrow and Thursday. The plan for Wednesday, my day off, is to get down to OC and take care of a couple things, but that will depend on how i feel.
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