May 28th, 2008


baby bass!

Well, I have been busy.

Last week, I actually had a full social calendar, going out every night after work. Friday was my friend Jamie's good-bye party (lucky girl, moving to WA), I drove down to the OC on Saturday night to see stephinextremis, Christine, and to meet the infamous Jamieson. He impressed me, mostly in his ability to put up with my obnoxious lines of questioning. I gave stephanie my stamp of approval on this one.

Sunday night, Charles and I left for the river. We got a late start, and my mom had told me that there wasn't a bed available for us. Charles was really tired and really cranky and not as easygoing as I am about sleeping on a couch, so we stopped in Blythe and got a room. As I was checking in - in the process of handing over my credit card - my drunk little brother calls me, tells me that oh, they were just kidding, of course i have a place to sleep, don't be silly. A little too late, little brother.

Monday out there was my day - we went out on the pontoon boat, got some sun, barbequed. Tuesday was his day - we fished, and fished, and fished some more. I'm now able to "cast". We fished for bluegill off a dock, and I sat there for an hour with a piece of cheese on a hook, watching the bluegill swim up, sniff (do fish sniff?) the cheese, and swim off. When we gave up on that spot, I pulled the bit of cheese off my hook. "Here's a freebie, fishies", and tossed it into the water. They swarmed it. Little bastards.

Eventually, we drove down to the Palo Verde Dam to try and catch something bigger. For this, i brought the camera. The dam is beautiful, though it's only 15 minutes from Aha Quin, I've never actually seen it before.

We saw some critters while walking out there. I'd never seen them before - research upon arriving home reveals them to be juvenile round-tailed ground squirrels.

I moved a rock and found a gigantic spider. I didn't move any more rocks.

Charles fished, and fished, and fished. I fished too, but I was also the one holding the camera.

Eventually, we caught a bass. A little, tiny, baby bass. He let me reel it in.

We let it go, of course. The poor traumatized thing swam off and hid under a piece of wood, and then tried to hide under Charles' feet and made him jump and shriek like a girl.

Eventually, we went back to camp, and dinner with my aunt and uncle, and packed up to head home. The weekend wasn't without stress, but it was nice. I got tanned and not burned, I got to see what it felt like to reel in a fish. Charles got to see what I love about the place, and I think he'll be back up there to fish again. He also lined up a few tattoos - people down there are starting to collect some ink!

Today, I'm unpacking and recuperating. Tomorrow, back to work.
purple sunglasses

protein shakes and foster mom-cat

The diet is going really well. Ten pounds in two weeks.

And I do not want to hear one single "That's too fast!" I'll let you know when I'm going to keel over.

One of my most satisfying moments this weekend was pulling on a pair of pants that I haven't been able to wear since last fall, and zipping them up with room to spare. Next, I aim for the pants I haven't been able to wear since last year. Also, I still have high school clothes waiting in reserve, and I am not afraid to dress like i'm fifteen again.

Today, though, I've been craving like crazy. I'm eating cottage cheese and broccoli, but what I really want is the tub of vanilla ice cream i know Charles has stashed in the freezer. I went out and bought a cookies-and-cream protein shake (35g protein, 4g carbs) to kill the craving, but it's just not the same.

My mom is going to take the mom of the foster kittens that I have right now. This makes me happy - she's a wonderful kitty, but adults adopt slowly and I'd hate to see her languish in the shelter for months. My mom wants an indoor-outdoor cat, and normally I'd never agree to this, but I doubt mama-cat will stay inside for anyone.

There's a hidden danger to animals that stay in the shelter for a long time. The county does not euthanize healthy, adoptable animals. Any animal that passes the behaviour screening has a kennel there for as long as it takes to get adopted. Animals stay there for months, even years in some rare cases. The risk is this: Shelters are full of communicable diseases. Kennel Cough, URI, parvo, even distemper and calicivirus. Every day an animal is there is a day it could get sick - a cough from the dog in the next cage over, a kennel contaminated by parvo from a new arrival. Sick animals are euthanized, unless we can find room for them in our small isolation unit. How small? We have hundreds of cats in the shelter. We have 10 cages in isolation. It's not much better for the dogs.

Long story short, that's why I don't want mom-cat to sit in the shelter, if it can be helped.