June 3rd, 2008

she walks out with empty arms


Charles thought that shooting me in the ass with an airsoft gun was just so funny.

He did seem to feel appropriately bad when the welts popped up, though.
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happy stories and the sad reality

Two success stories:

#1 - The chihuahua I posted about a few days ago was adopted yesterday, by an older lady who came in hoping to find a "special needs" chihuahua. I introduced them, she fell in love, and they went home together. I was almost sad to see him go, but so happy that he found a good home.

#2 - My mom mentioned a while back wanting a cat. Charles suggested hooking her up with the mama cat from my foster litter. I sent a picture, she liked it, I adopted mama and took her to OC today. My mom walks in the house, sees her, and says "She looks like a 'Mia'."

So now mama cat has a name and a new home. I hope to see her kittens go to good homes as well.

The shelter is a critical mass right now - cats and kittens are even being offered at "2-for-1" to try to get pets homes and make room for the many more that come in everyday. Two cats - spayed/neutered, vaccinated, dewormed, and screened for viral disease - for $95. Any cat that shows any sign of sickness and all kittens that could possibly be a day under 8 weeks old are being euthanized immediately, simply because there is no room.

If you are at all interested in adopting a cat, kitten, dog, puppy, or rabbit, please, please check out www.rcdas.org for available animals and more information.

I mentioned the situation at the shelter to Charles, and he posted a bulletin to his myspace friends asking them to consider adopting a cat. I love that boy.

It's my night off, and it's looking like a quiet night in. Charles spent all of his day off doing a tattoo for my benefit, a backpiece that got me $1000 off the cost of my motorcycle. So he's taking a nap now, and I'll let him sleep. He's earned it.