June 11th, 2008

wild thing

vegas, motorcycles, and zombie obsession

I've got this growing facination with zombies. It's resulting in more nightmares, but at least in my nightmares i know how to fight them - thank you Zombie Survival Guide! Any other zombie-lovers out there, you must read World War Z, it's amazing.

My other current obsession is my motorcycle ... I'm getting more comfortable on it by the day. The last two days, I've taken short rides, down around Lake Perris and back. I want a ride with a destination, and I wish Charles' bike was finished so we could take a trip somewhere. Anyway, I'm getting used to taking the bike for errands as well, quick trips to the bank or to pick up dinner. Today I went to target for a backpack that isn't held together by safety pins.What I really want is this Coach backpack, but it's probably not practical for bringing home groceries.

Speaking of backpacks, it's just not fair that all the Hello Kitty backpacks I can find are in child sizes.

I've got two trips to Vegas planned, both in the same week, amusingly enough. One is with Danny Sun-Wed, then I come home, pick up Charles, and spend the weekend out there with him at a tattoo convention. This can only end in complete exhaustion.

getting crafty, again

Today, I learned how to tie-dye. Oooooh, so hippie of me!

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I love finding new ways to be crafty. I don't need a whole lot of tie-dyed stuff, but it's cool knowing how to do it, and this shirt will be great for the summer.

Eventually, I'll learn how to crochet. someday.