September 3rd, 2008


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I'm sick.

I've been sick since Friday. Every morning I wake up hoping to feel better, and every morning I don't. It's a nasty head cold, started in my throat, moved through my sinuses, and is now quite uncomfortably settled in my chest.

I don't mind actually being sick as much as I mind that it interferes with my life. I've already missed one day of work (Saturday) and if I'm not feeling a little bit better by tomorrow, I'll be calling in for Thursday as well. Today was miserable, and it sucks when a dozen different people at work make remarks as to how terrible i look.

Things that should not be done anywhere near a kitten:
* Knitting
* Packing a bag
* Eating anything
* Putting on nylons
* Tying shoes

Charles and I went to a wedding Saturday night, a couple of his friends. It was a little stuffy but pretty fun once the beer and wine were flowing. One of his friends decided to cop a feel of my ass. That was pretty creepy. And Charles was, after a few drinks, discussing our future wedding with his friends. i told him that since he admitted it in public, I'm holding him to it.

A sticker stating "Fuck You" has mysteriously appeared on my motorcycle. I'm going to have to talk to Charles about that.