January 28th, 2009


*poof* you're a nice kitty!

My boss, today: "Kasey! Make that cat nice!"

It's a very cute feral kitten she wants to adopt, so I worked my magic. It doesn't yet love people, but it doesn't hate us so much anymore either.

I won't be there tomorrow to socialize it, so i left a note taped to her cage: "I want to be a nice kitty - give me love!" The shelter behaviourist saw this and laughed.

I'm cutting back on the drinking ... It was getting to be a bit much, and ... well, details aside, i'm drinking less these days. keeps things happier.

Apparently I'm going out for sushi and sake tomorrow night. Been socializing with work people more lately. Friday i'm going to Hemet to see Agent Orange and Narcoleptic Youth ... been a while since i've gone to a real show.

Bike is broke again. Boo.

I'm really leaning on Charles to get my half-sleeve drawn up. Maybe someday soon.