April 17th, 2009

love my job

worst. ever.

Worst week at work ever.

In summary:

Two co-workers called in sick? Injured back? HBC. HBC. confiscated ferret ... MISSING confiscated ferret ... FOUND confiscated ferret ... Cranky animal control officers ... Microchip ... euthing kittens is sad and we hate it ... we hate it more when people we work with make us feel bad for it. HBC. Wrong jurisdiction. Microchip. Save-the-world doctor. HBC. Doctor that trusts no one but me. Timesheets due tomorrow. Dog dog dog x200 ... cat cat cat x infinity. No vaccines made up. No volunteers to help. Not enough tags. Microchip. Just want to go home to my cats. Cat found dead in receiving. Sign these kittens off. I'm close to losing it on this one.

I finally left today w/ my work not all done, will have to finish in the morning. My boss made me go to happy hour w/ her. I needed it.